Monday, August 31, 2009


I hope that the video we that we have to discuss is the one I saw in class last week because it was phenomenal (I guess that's spelled correct!). The stats really made me think about how the world is changing every second of everyday. Also, how the people will HAVE to change in order to keep up, and if not (dare I say it) the world will be overthrown by robots! As "SyFy" as it sounds it could very well possibly happen. I think that the "Paperless Class" course that I am taking is definitely going to equip me with the necessary ammunition to arm myself with the knowledge to grow with the advancement of technology and share it with my students. And my students by the way are probably further along than I think.

Now, Do you know what grinds my gears? Fixing things that aren't broken...for instance the city keeps changing the curriculum and textbooks. Now the teachers can't professional with the foundation of the text and I think that it's too much inconsistency for the students because they notice it and get discouraged. What they should is update, make amendments, or something...